About us

Our Mission

The mission at Euro is to design and manufacture the Best quality products and render the most efficient services to our esteemed customers utmost satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading Producer and market leader of Finest quality uPVC windows and doors in India, while becoming the everlasting brand in the World of hi-tech window and doors Industry.

The Company

Euro brand of finest uPVC windows and doors derived by Suriya Cladding & Glazing Pvt. Ltd. having proven experience and expertise of more than two decades, has specialized & place itself as unique fabricator has completed more than 300 successful projects with utmost sincerity, dedication & made  tie - up with a renowned German company for world class machineries & profiles.

Euro uPVC Windoors System

Euro uPVC windows & doors opens a new age in Building profiles. It is a response to the expectations of those customers who do not compromises on their needs. Euro products perfectly combine all features of aesthetics, cost effectiveness, reliability. Durability and a secure modern building solution to the industry.

This new revolutionary range has been designed to Indian climatic conditions, helping in saving energy by effectively segregating the temperatures of exteriors and interiors , thereby saving on electricity bills in fact, it actually pays back its cost in its lifetime more than the investment.

Every uPVC doors & windows is engineered in accordance with international specification by using automated fusion welding equipment and CNC corner cleaning machines and adopted advanced micro – computer technology for measuring ability of welding . This ensures that every window door delivered to the highest quality and performance standards & consistency.

Matchless Manufacturing Experience

Euro uPVC windows and doors are manufactured using state-of-the-art German machineries in a highly sophisticated production facility. The Plant has most advanced CNC Corner cleaning machines, welding machines and down stream equipments of complete processes. high output, imported machines and profiles are the main support of the precision manufacturing unit.

Unmatched Quality

To produce high end uPVC windows and doors, finest quality Imported branded raw materials Hardware and latest production techniques are combined. The supervision of a well experienced team in an organized facility under perfect conditions to serve our esteemed customers better is prioritized .

Serving Superior

Euro range of windows and doors are tested for high quality at every stage. Tested by experts, the Euro range sets the standards in weather resistance, finish, UV stability, weld strength, wind load, Air filtration and water penetration along with case to use . Euro products are specially tested for Indian weather conditions and duly certified for long standing performance.

Euro Products

Euro offers an unlimited rage of choice in windows and doors that suits structural requirements and aesthetic planning .

Wizardry team in Window Making

There is a wide choice of architects design and making of uPVC Windows that makes a big difference to all buildings.

Casement Windows

The Casement Windows open inwards or outwards with the help of a sash that is fixed on the outer frame. The design from fixed, side hung or top hung, Euro offers various ranges depending on size, wind load , insulation and design requirements.

Slider Windows

The Sliding window is made up of two (or more) sashes that slide Horizontally. The sliding window can be made wider and taller with the bigger sizes the sashes and hardware. The sliders work on ‘ride over’ mechanism for smoother sliding for ever

Bay & Combination windows

Bay and combination windows easy to make in various size and designs for homes and offices. The Bay windows can be installed in large rooms. They provide a flood of natural light and great Views. Combination windows is an integration of the same type of windows ( casement-casement ) or two different windows ( casement - slider type )

Gorgeous Glass Inlays

Euro also offers a selection of ‘the Glass to go’ with the windows and doors more efficiently, and this saves electricity bills

Float Glass

Manufactured through Special float process. the glass gives high clarity and visibility

Reflective Glass

A special reflective coating given on float glass the reflective coating reduces the effect of heat and light radiation from the sun and saves energy usage especially that of air-conditioned area

Laminated Safety Glass

Two Glasses bonded together with a PUB ( polyvinyl butyral) durable plastic interlayer. Ensure more security and safety since it does not shred on impact and gives safety, security, sound reduction, solar energy control, UV Control, protection from weather and natural disasters and low distortion

Toughened Glass

A special heat treatment of 620 degrees Celsius and quenching given tempered glass strength to four times adds extra security.

Apart from aesthetics, one can choose sun ban glass by the extent of heat insulation possible, which is based on the solar factor of the glass

Comparison of uPVC

Euro uPVC windows and doors are made from a Special Blend of uPVC and have multiple Benefits over the traditional Aluminium, Steel And wooden windows.

Aluminium/steel/wooden windows and doors need painting/ maintenance over long usage. Euro Windows and doors need only cleaning occasionally

Aluminium/steel/wooden does not prevent water seepage during rains, Euro Finest products prevent all this

Aluminum/steel/wooden fittings rattle during high winds, Euro Windoors being reinforced with steel, do not budge and rattle

Aluminium/steel/wooden Looks Cold and uninspiring. Euro windoors adds to the Exterior and interior elevated appeal

Aluminium/ steel/wooden conducts heat and pro sealing lead to energy loss. Euro uPVC products are Multi chamber Profiles and non-conductors of heat and have excellent sealing with multi point locks and fusion welded joints un-matching to any comparable material in the world

Acoustic Insulation

Any Colour is Available

Easy to Clean

Does not Rot

Does not Decompose

IT Retain the Shape in Abnormal Climate

Security with Multi Point Lock

uPVC Windoors Using - Hottest Place in the Globe of Arizona Desert

uPVC Windoors Using - Coldest place in the Globe of Scandinavia

Wind Resistance Impact Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Pollution Proof

Ageing Resistance

Burglary resistances

Highly Adaptable to Architectural Designs

Self Earning by saving energy bill

Rate of deforestation is slowed

Unaffected by temperature

Prevent Air Infiltration

Sea Water Resistance

Most Eco Balanced material

Resist Combustion

Environment Friendly

Termite Proof

Prevent Anti Ultra Violet Rays

Does Not Rust

Cheap in Long Run

Warping Free

Twisting Free

Euro Service

Euro Offer a wide range of service to satisfy the needs of our esteemed customers. Our experience from the façade industry is vast and proven success encourage us to take up any kind of customer needs in the uPVC industry

Designing Products based on market needs and the needs of leading builders and architects Site Survey and installation is carried out by a team of technical Qualified Engineers after a thorough study of the building checking up with Lazer Machines in each and every opening in 6 places to minimize the error.

Project management where Euro brings in its expertise in handling a variety of projects which ensures timely supply of products and completion of the scheduled project

Dedicated Customer care officers ensure that all service and product are backed by a touch of care and commitment

Aesthetic Advantage

Euro products comes with the fine finish and choicest colours to redefine the exteriors and interiors of any building. They add a pleasing and cosy environment with high weather resistance. Sound proofing and noise free performance. Euro uPVC windows and doors give any premise a perfectly done-up and pleasant look